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I have a PhD in Computational Biology from the Joint CMU-UPitt Computational Biology Program at Carnegie Mellon University and currently work as Director of Computational Genomics at AbbVie. Before this, I was Director of Bioinformatics at Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago and Assistant Professor of Pathology at Northwestern University.

As a scientist , I am intrigued by the application of high throughput omics technologies to accelerate drug discovery and advance precision medicine. It is my mission to make science more accessible and as part of this mission, I started a podcast called Computationally Yours in 2020. You can listen to it on all your favorite platforms.

My non-work passions include dancing (check out my YouTube channel for free dance workouts) and theater. I studied Improv at Second City Training Center but don't pursue it anymore. I also love to write poetry and paint.

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